Dario Pegoretti Duende CX


Shown with an optional Ciavete paint scheme, and ABVD painted graphics

The Duende is a little closer to a “traditional” frame than our other models. But as shown here, it’s also available in a CX configuration for cyclocross riders.

While not quite as stiff as the Round, Mxxxxxo or Responsorium, Duende is well suited for someone seeking a comfortable all-day bike that does everything well. The tubing – Columbus ZONA – is still “oversized”, but with its traditional, tapering rear stays and more conventional dropouts, Duende’s aesthetic is more classic than esoteric.

‘Duende’ refers to a heightened state of emotion typically associated with flamenco. However, it’s an energy that appears whenever someone is doing something they love, like cycling.


  • Columbus ZONA tubing
  • Traditional tapering stays
  • Pegoretti ‘conventional’ dropouts
  • Pegoretti Falz carbon fibre fork
  • 70mm 36×24 TPI Italian bottom bracket shell
  • 31.6 seatpost diameter
  • Pegoretti seat collar, 33.6mm handmade in Verona
  • Pegoretti front derailleur clamp handmade in Verona
  • Available (and shown in Ciavete) as a CX option for cyclocross


  • Mechanical or Full Electronic (no gear cable guides)
  • Steel fork (instead of Falz)
  • Graphics, Panel, Ciavete or Solid Colours paint finish
  • Black or silver D11 headset
  • Standard or custom dimensions


Whether you prefer graphics, a simple solid colour, or a freeform Ciavete scheme, explore the finish options for your new frame.