Dario Pegoretti offers steel frames in several different models to suit nearly anyone’s interpretation of a high-performance bicycle. To make the best selection, it helps to understand the differences between the models.


The Responsorium is the flagship model. It is constructed of Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing. While stainless steel doesn’t impart any magical ride qualities, it does allow the frame to be a little lighter. We designed this frame to be very comfortable without giving up the responsiveness our frames are known for.

The Responsorium features cylindrical non-tapering stays coupled to signature Pegoretti hooded dropouts, keeping the rear triangle plenty stiff enough for great power transfer while retaining enough comfort for all-day rides. Since we incorporated the D11 headset into this frame, the front triangle dimensions have increased, allowing even larger riders to enjoy its benefits. This is the only frame in our line-up with a recommended weight limit of 120kg or 264 lbs, in contrast to the pre-D11 Responsorium which had a recommended weight limit of 187 lbs.


The Mxxxxxo is constructed of Columbus Niobium Spirit tubing. The front triangle using the same tubing diameters as the Responsorium, whereas the rear triangle has slightly larger cylindrical seat stays, giving a little more stiffness and responsiveness to the ride. The Mxxxxxo also uses Pegoretti hooded dropouts and a D11 headset. This is a great choice for stronger and/or heavier riders. It’s still a comfortable ride but will give up a little of the comfort of the Responsorium. The Marcelo is a heat-treated frame.


The Duende is a little closer to a “traditional” frame than our other frames. It is also constructed with Columbus Niobium Spirit tubing but without the heat-treatment. The rear triangle is constructed with more traditional tapering stays and more conventional dropouts as well as the D11 headset.

The Duende won’t be quite as stiff as the Marcelo or Responsorium but is well suited for someone wanting a comfortable all-day bike that does everything well. The tubing is still “oversized” in comparison with traditional steel tubesets.

Special Order Items

We offer a few other frames by special order only. These include the Luigino, which Dario first created as a homage to his mentor Gino Milani. It’s a lugged steel frame that represents our interpretation of a classic Italian race bike. It uses a traditional 1” headset and comes with a steel fork. For those who want an oversized lugged frame, there is the Day Is Done. This frame uses a 1-1/8” headset, oversized tubing and features non-tapering stays which culminate in a unique dropout designed just for this frame. It is available with either the Falz fork or a custom steel fork.

For those who want the ultimate in stiffness and responsiveness, there is the Big Leg Emma. This frame shares the front triangle of the Mxxxxxo but features reinforcing plates brazed inside the downtube for additional stiffness. The chainstays are massive (thus the name) and help create an amazingly stiff frame while retaining as much comfort as possible. This is a great frame for very large and/or very strong riders and especially those who love to sprint.

Falz Fork

All of these frames come equipped with the Pegoretti-designed Falz carbon fork. We designed this fork with exceptional lateral stiffness for responsiveness. The look is reminiscent of a traditional flat-crown fork, allowing for slightly longer fork blades to offer better compliance as well as clearance for 28mm tires. The D11 headset is included with these frames and was designed by Pegoretti in conjunction with Chris King. It’s essentially a Chris King headset with larger cups for our headtubes, built with the convenience of standard King bearings should it ever need a service.