Press Release: Introducing the Duende Rock & Roll Frame & Piron Fork

8th March, 2024 
An all-surface stainless steel disc frame with a new ‘Piron’ carbon fibre fork.

Pegoretti’s Duende platform has always covered a lot of ground, from the clean lines of the road model to the wide-tire ‘CX’ version, a longtime favourite in the cyclocross scene. And now, with the new ‘Rock & Roll’ frame, the Italian brand continues in the spirit of ‘Duende’, the Spanish term for the magic conjured by the passion and soul of flamenco, to create its most versatile frame yet.

The new frame blends the all-terrain chops of the CX with the spirit of Pegoretti’s road frames and takes off for pastures new with the versatility to ride on any surface.

The Duende Rock & Roll, or ‘R&R’, features custom Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing, disc brakes, and a new carbon fibre fork called ‘Piron’, which is designed to accept up to 40mm tyres. It’s a radically different design from the brand’s Falz fork, reflecting the new frame’s versatility.

On the road, the Duende R&R blends superb responsiveness with telling comfort and the modularity of wider tires. All-weather add-ons like mudguard mounts allow the frame to shoulder the worst conditions without skipping a beat. However, with the option of rack mounts and a switch to flat bars, the R&R turns into a fast city commuter.

For those who look beyond the asphalt, the Duende R&R equips the modern explorer for the fields, trails and generally less pristine conditions that come with following your curiosity, wherever that may lead.

“For the past few seasons, our clients have been requesting a modern version of the CX,” explained Pegoretti’s Cristina Würdig. “So we took the opportunity to think about how we could reinterpret the CX platform and, at the same time, create a frame with versatility at its core, able to ride on the road, city and trail, and respond with the same feel and responsiveness that Pegoretti is known for.” These attributes extend to the new ‘Piron’ fork, despite its divergence from the Falz. “With the need to accommodate wider tires, the design naturally had to adapt,” said Pegoretti’s Pietro Pietricola. “We also took the opportunity to create a shape that, when observed from the side, describes a single line from the headset to the front hub. The Piron also differs from the Falz in that it only comes in a single rake of 50mm, which, when combined with the R&R’s 72-degree head angle, best suits the R&R’s all-surface nature.”

Trail / All-Road



At launch, the Duende Rock & Roll  is offered in a unique ‘Spaghetti’ graphic, a tongue-in-cheek design inspired by that most sacred Italian practice: the preparing of the pasta. And as we all know, pasta comes in a lot of varieties. 

The new frame is available to order from today. Visit the product page here.

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The Duende Rock & Roll

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