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Claudio’s ‘Non Mollare Mai’ Responsorium

11th August, 2020 / Words and Photos by Peter Harrington
Claudio from Rovereto, Trento moved abroad many years ago to build a successful business in America. He contacted the Bottega during the worst ravages of COVID-19, seeking to support Italy and get the frame of his dreams, a Responsorium. He asked us to create something that would help him to remember his roots, painted with a clean Ciavete design over a light base colour.

Amidst the hazy blues, greens and orange accents of the Ciavete artwork, we added a note on the top tube: “(H) At Volest la bici? Ade’s Pedala!”, which in Trento dialect equates to, “In life, if you really want something then you have to make the hard work to get it going”. And directly, “If you want the bike, you have to pedal!” Fittingly, Claudio named the bike, “Non mollare mai” – never give up.

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