Universally Pegoretti: Fatto a Mano in Verona

16th June, 2024
We didn't plan to have the third episode of our occasional film series 'Universally Pegoretti' out this summer, especially so soon after last month's film about Anthony Mangieri in 'Fatto a Mano in New York'. But, after a request from our friend Francesco of Fulcrum Wheels to visit the Officina with his riding group, say hi and maybe stay for lunch, maybe not (there's never a not at the Officina), things snowballed, and before too long it became apparent that we could film 'Fatto a Mano in Verona', a homecoming of sorts, out of the ensuing chaos of a midday melee that seems to have started a whole new tradition of long lunches with a rotating circle of friends from around the world. 

For those from afar, the day's mood is best summed up by our friend Luca Campanale, who was kind enough to document the proceedings. "Thanks to Officina Dario Pegoretti for putting together such a beautiful and festive celebration of community, of love for beauty, for food and wine, for laughs and diverse stories, where you meet legends and distant yet close friends. There is a sense of belonging, a sense of home when you find yourself immersed in a joyful community. That is the cycling community."

Directed by Frederick Shelbourne
Produced and filmed by Storya
Photographs by Luca Campanale

About the Series

In 'Universally Pegoretti', we explore the lives of Pegoretti owners around the globe and, in the process, discover that passion for Pegoretti is universal.

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