Universally Pegoretti: Hecho a Mano in Mexico

3rd July, 2023
Our workshop has always been a meeting point for friends and family. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming people from across the globe, all bound by a common thread: their love for riding and passion for Pegoretti. But the journey doesn’t stop when they depart. Once back on the bike, our visitors send us photos, updates and occasionally even something handmade from their home region. It’s a relationship that connects our workshop to the world.

To celebrate this special connection, we commissioned filmmaker Frederick Shelbourne from Storya to meet Pegoretti owners where they ride, to tell their stories and see their life on and off the bike.

In episode one of ‘Universally Pegoretti’, we head to Puebla in Mexico to meet José Federico, owner of the company that makes Pegoretti’s t-shirts, and Carlos Del Rio, a proud Pegoretti owner who graciously shows us around his town aboard his custom Ciavete Duende.

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