Dario Pegoretti Duende CX

Marla’s Magura Duende CX

As all fathers know, once children come along, there’s not as much time for the simple pleasures in life, such as cycling - at least in the early years. So when our special client Manfred from Germany inquired about a Pegoretti for his daughter, Marla, we were only too happy to help father and daughter…
Reflections: Connecting From Afar


In Reflections, Pegoretti riders around the world share their stories of life during the past year, their thoughts for the future, and how cycling, community, and creativity help them find the moments that matter. EXPLORE MORE
Emil Lukas x Pegoretti

Living Colour

Some Ciavete paint schemes come together in a rush of colour and chaos, while others demand patience and a steady hand. And some, as our recent collaboration with American artist, Emil Lukas shows, seem to paint themselves. Words by Emil Lukas Several visits ago, while preparing for an exhibition in Venice during the Venice Biennale,…
Claudio's Covid Responsorium

Claudio’s ‘Non Mollare Mai’ Responsorium

Claudio from Rovereto, Trento moved abroad many years ago to build a successful business in America. He contacted the Bottega during the worst ravages of COVID-19, seeking to support Italy and get the frame of his dreams. He asked us to create something that would help him to remember his roots, painted with a clean…
Dream On: Ciavete

Dream On

With appearances by Pegoretti owners from around the world, and American artist, Jacob Hashimoto, Dream On seeks to uncover the soul and spirit of Pegoretti through our signature artistic style, Ciavete. EXPLORE MORE

Inside the Bottega

In "Fatti con le mani", British filmmaker Frederick Shelbourne captures the craftsmanship and artistry at Pegoretti, documenting the journey of each frame as it passes from hand to hand towards careful completion. EXPLORE MORE

The NAHBS ‘It’s Us Now’ Responsorium

A very special Responsorium made for NAHBS 2019, photographed close to the venue in Sacramento, California. Finishing kit includes components by Fizik and Brooks England. Until Round was introduced to the Pegoretti range in 2019, the Responsorium was the Bottega’s flagship model. Fittingly, the frame incorporates Campagnolo’s Super Record 12 groupset.