New Love #3

Shown with a matte base and Panel paint scheme.

First launched in 2006, Love #3 became an instant classic, with riders falling for its fast, fun, and predictable handling. It was an aluminium frame unlike any other: aggressive and smooth. A punk rocker with good manners.

New Love #3 respects the original’s killer feel, but boasts a larger diameter headtube of 43mm, up from 39mm on the original. The new headtube is stiffer and blends better with the rest of the frames custom, over-sized Columbus Alloy tubing. But with a 4mm advantage over the original Love #3, the redesigned headtube required an entirely new headset, the Chris King D19.

D19 is a customised version of the popular Chris King sealed bearing NoThreadSet™. The new headset is a result of Chris King & Pegoretti’s ongoing partnership and builds on both brand’s long history of cooperation and innovation.

Each New Love #3 includes the Chris King D19 headset, Pegoretti Falz carbon fibre fork, and finishing accessories.


A Pegoretti represents precision, perfection and playful creativity. Our frames are handmade in Verona, Italy for a lifetime of inspired riding. Enquire now to start your Pegoretti story.


  • Custom Columbus Aluminium tubing
  • Aluminium dropouts
  • Chris King x Pegoretti D19 headset
  • Falz carbon fork
  • Italian bottom bracket shell
  • 31.6 seatpost diameter
  • Pegoretti seat collar and front derailleur clamp handmade in Verona
  • Accommodates up to 28mm tires
  • Max 120 kg (264 lbs) max rider weight limit


  • Mechanical or Full Electronic (no gear cable guides)
  • Graphics, Panel, Ciavete or Solid Colours paint finish
  • Gloss black or silver D19 headset
  • Standard or custom dimensions
  • BSA bottom bracket shell