Olivieri 1882 X Dario Pegoretti 

24th November, 2023
Panettone is close to our hearts here at the Officina. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Olivieri 1882, a fellow artisan producer from Veneto that the New York Times said is “as good as it gets” when it comes to the famed Italian sweet bread, we jumped at the chance to co-create a unique ‘Ciavete’ version of our own. 

Olivieri 1882 has been making panettone since the late 19th century. A family concern currently run by brothers Nicola and Andrea (we’re sure there will be more down the centuries), it is renowned locally and now internationally for producing panettone of the utmost quality and flavour. 

When the brothers heard about our informal, in-house panettone competition and that this year, their pumpkin and dark chocolate blend had topped our tasting chart, they asked if we’d like to launch a version branded as Olivieri 1882 X Dario Pegoretti in honour of our shared artisanal tradition and love for panettone.

Pumpkin is a year-round staple in Veneto, and here, a candied version carries the day with a sweet bite reminiscent of apricot, balanced by bold dark chocolate tones. It’s a sweet embrace that reminded us of an autumnal Ciavete scheme, so we used a photograph of the artwork for the sleeve design, and the brothers did the rest. 

To purchase an Olivieri 1882 X Dario Pegoretti panettone, follow the relevant links below or visit VIA Atelier in London’s King’s Cross, which will have the some available for walk-in customers from December 8th onwards.



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