Aldo’s Klimt Sportivo

Aldo works in the wine business in New York. For his Pegoretti Mxxxxxo, he asked the Officina to create a Ciavete inspired by his favourite artist and fellow Austrian, Gustav Klimt. Aldo loves the rich textures, gold and mosaic backgrounds in Klimt’s paintings, and requested, in his words, a ‘Klimt Sportivo’.

The Officina’s Klimt-inspired Ciavete came to life with sweeping layers of paint designed to emulate the depth and richness of the artist’s later work, interspersed with strokes of characteristic gold. Decorative patterns across the frame further echo the style of this famed symbolist painter.

The build is dressed with Campagnolo Super record 12 and Bora Ultra 35.

Photo credit: Pietro Pietricola