Every Pegoretti bicycle frame is hand made at our Bottega in Verona, Italy. And with a range of models to suit almost everyone’s interpretation of a high-performance road bicycle, finding your frame is merely a matter of deciding which of our models best suits your riding style.

Standard or Custom

Once you have chosen a frame, it’s time to think about whether to go for a fully custom Pegoretti tailored to your precise measurements, or a standard size frame made to established dimensions. The decision as to which route to take is very personal and may depend on a number of factors including the geometry of your body and the fit of a bicycle you might already own. If in doubt, please get in contact and we can talk through the options together.

Art & Inspiration

Spend any amount of time searching for Pegoretti design inspiration, and you are bound to find countless examples of Ciavete artwork. And although freeform Ciavete compositions are a Pegoretti signature, our repeat paint schemes, graphics and solid colour finishes remain equally popular.

If you’d like to discuss the finish in more detail, please send over your ideas and initial thoughts, and we can chat things through together. And if you are in the area, drop by the Bottega to talk through your frame in person.


From the moment you place your order to the day of delivery, the Bottega works on a lead-time of approximately six months for TIG frames and up to twelve months for Lugged models. On receipt of your order confirmation, the Bottega or your local dealer will supply a more accurate production timeline.