Universally Pegoretti

Our workshop has always been a meeting point for friends and family. Over the years, we've had the pleasure of welcoming people from across the globe, all bound by a common thread: their love for riding and passion for Pegoretti. But the journey doesn't stop when they depart. Once back on the bike, our visitors…

The Man From Modena

The door to the Bottega is always open. From Monday to Friday, friends, old and new, drop in to talk bikes, life, and often, a whole lot more. Visitors from places we have to look up on the map and locals bringing us lunch. Recently, we hosted Luca Campanale, a Modena-born longtime resident of New…
The Disc Pegoretti

The Disc Pegoretti

A new option available for the Round and Responsorium frames. Developed as a natural extension of the Pegoretti design language, the disc options maintain the clean lines and compelling ride characteristics for which we’re known, while introducing new dropouts and a disc-specific version of the Falz fork. In the past few years we’ve been asked…
Reflections: Connecting From Afar


In Reflections, Pegoretti riders around the world share their stories of life during the past year, their thoughts for the future, and how cycling, community, and creativity help them find the moments that matter. EXPLORE MORE
Emil Lukas x Pegoretti

Living Colour

Some Ciavete paint schemes come together in a rush of colour and chaos, while others demand patience and a steady hand. And some, as our recent collaboration with American artist, Emil Lukas shows, seem to paint themselves. Words by Emil Lukas Several visits ago, while preparing for an exhibition in Venice during the Venice Biennale,…
Dream On: Ciavete

Dream On

With appearances by Pegoretti owners from around the world, and American artist, Jacob Hashimoto, Dream On seeks to uncover the soul and spirit of Pegoretti through our signature artistic style, Ciavete. EXPLORE MORE

Inside the Bottega

In "Fatti con le mani", British filmmaker Frederick Shelbourne captures the craftsmanship and artistry at Pegoretti, documenting the journey of each frame as it passes from hand to hand towards careful completion. EXPLORE MORE