A New Maximum Tyre Width for Disc Pegoretti Models

27th March, 2022
For consistent all-conditions stopping power, disc brakes are hard to beat. But with all that power comes a certain responsibility to brake with a measure of care, particularly when descending on damp roads. Discs, unlike their rim brake cousins, don’t take much of a squeeze to reach full power, and therein lies not a weakness but an awareness that, once acquired, can make you a better rider all-round.

One thing that can help any rider feel more comfortable with disc brakes is opting for a wider tyre. It’s one of the reasons road tyres have gradually increased in width from the purist’s 23mm to today’s 28mm ‘standard’ and, at the top end, the increasingly common 32mm.

When we launched disc editions of our Round and Responsorium frames, we specified a maximum tyre width of 28mm. However, we recently made iterative changes to both frames to enable compatibility with 32mm tyres (no changes were required to the Falz disc fork, as it could already accommodate the extra width). So whether you like the feel of a little more rubber on the road or simply like how it looks, you can now push past 28 and fit 32mm road tyres to a disc Pegoretti.

If you have questions about compatibility, please drop us a line.

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